My passion for guitars and guitar building began at the tender age of four years old. Using locally sourced materials such as Lego, Meccano and elastic bands and sometimes fishing line for strings, I set about constructing my first guitars. It was obvious from those early days that guitars and music would be a focal point of my life, later becoming a professional musician.

As a teenager I busied myself practising the guitar and left school to find myself as a Metalworker/Machinist by day and guitarist at night. The metal machining provided a great platform in the art of manufacturing and problem solving.

After building some fairly basic slide guitars I decided in 2006 to enrol at the London Metropolitan University to a three year degree course in instrument building. There I learnt the fine skills of acoustic guitar building, repairing and setting up. After graduating in 2009 with honours I relocated to the Blue Mountains, Australia and set up my workshop.


Guitar Models

Guitar made by Graffham Guitars I currently build a OOO style guitar with a 26 inch scale length. They measure forty one inches in total with a nine and a quarter inch waist, fifteen inches at its widest and a body depth of four and a half inches at its deepest.

Given its relatively small size it is a very comfortable guitar to play and produces a rounded well balanced sound suited to many different styles. These guitars can be custom built to your requirements including your choice of tonewood, neck thickness preference etc.

Other Services

Guitar made by Graffham Guitars

Graffham guitars also offers setups for acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars and repairs.

Guitar lessons are also offered for both newcommers and experienced players.


Phone: 0451 030 998
Email: johnnygraffham@yahoo.co.uk